Interactive HTML5 Web Applications That You Haven’t Seen Yet


HTML5, our new best friend brings us lots of awesome gifts from interactive 3D animations, games and tools to new and powerful applications capable to work on mobile devices and desktop bringing the same awesome results. I am sure that many of you still wonder why choose HTML5 in favor of Flash or any other technology.

Well, besides the cross-platform capabilities, HTML5 is able to bring to light best performance without sacrificing graphics or interactivity. That’s why, I believe is good to know where this technology is heading to and therefore I brought together some of the most impressive apps created by now.

Some of these apps are still in a beta testing version so for best rendering we recommend using Google Chrome which is better optimized for HTML5.


Category – Image Editing

Is a interactive and abstract image generating application which has over 20 different painting brushes. All of them are extremely creative and colorful helping you create a piece of art even though you are not an art genius. One thing to mention about Bomomo is that the brushes are in a continuous movement making it quite difficult to be exact and to be honest that makes it more interesting.

Zygote Body

Category – Biology

Zygote Body HTML5

Zygote brings a detailed look into the human body starting from fully chlothed person to the bone structure, muscle structure and even the blood circulation system. It manages to bring a in-depth look at every element in a very comprehensive way. Is great to learn more about the human body and it features both male and female bodies.

Audi One Million

Category – Auto

Audi One Million Social

Is a huge social activity cloud which took form in a beautiful Audi A5 model. You have complete 3D access to the model and you can even rotate it in 360. Once you click on a bubble you will receive a social message from Audi fans and followers which demonstrates once again how creative Audi can be.

Photo Editor

Category – Image Editing

Photo Editor

A very simple yet useful web editor created just to show some of the main things you can do with media through HTML5. Using this photo editor can help you scale, crop, adjust color, normalize or just play with the image color balance to make it better looking.


Category – Image Editing

Muro - DeviantArt Photo Editor

Just like Photoshop, Muro will bring a more advanced image editing panel along with multiple brushes, color panels, gradients and image rendering options. The Muro project was started by a popular image and art website called DeviantArt.

CSS Warp Editor

Category – Web Design

CSS Warp Editor

This is a pretty awesome tool for web designers and developers. It helps you create a warp version of your text along with a nice effect and afterwards helps you convert it in HTML. Also, there are multiple forms you can convert your text in.

Juicy Drop Winamp Player

Category – Music Player

Juicy Drop - Winamp Remake

Winamp is a very popular music player designed for Windows. This is a HTML5 remake created using it’s popular classic skin. It doesn’t include all the features available in the full version of Winamp, but is a good player with visualisation tools too.

Land Of Quattro

Category – Auto / Video Editing

Land of Quattro

Another great Audi project which includes an advanced video editor helping you build your own Audi video with ease. You can pick the camera that films, you can record from the inside or the outside.

Gradient Generator

Category – Web Design

Gradient Editor

Yet another web design related tool which helps you create CSS3 gradients for your web elements. You have multiple patterns already defined or you can create your own custom one.

CSS3 Maker

Category – Web Design

CSS3 Maker

This tool helped me save a lot of time with my CSS projects. It includes all the major CSS functions in a visual friendly environment. In simple words, you can create CSS shadows, transforms, play with border radius and create CSS3 transitions.


Category – Image Editing


A comprehensive image editing application that looks pretty much like paint. In fact looks just like the modern paint software designed by Windows. It helps you create gradients, forms, includes advanced text editor and a nice color customization panel.


Category – Organizing Tools

Flowchart Organizer

Organization is very important and visualisation helps a lot. Flowchart helps you keep your stuff organized in a very fancy manner. You can include your tasks, charts and notes in simple colored shapes and forms.

Smoking Lungs

Category – Biology

Smoking Lung

A very visual application that shows you how the lungs really work and it can help you make a comparison between a smoking lung and a normal one. Besides that, you can learn a bit about the trachea and the bronchi.

Sencha Video

Category – Video Player

Sencha Video Player

Is just a more comprehensive way to gather videos from most popular video streaming sites like YouTube, Break, Hulu or Vimeo.

Zen Photo Garden

Category – Image Building App

Zen Photo Garden

Most people think that they need to be experts in order to create a perfect shadow effect. Zen Photo Garden helps you create the perfect shadow effect and build a piece of art with ease.

Springle Chat

Category – Social

Springle Chat

Just a simple yet very interesting chat app where you can build your own private rooms or join the public one.


Category – Image Editing

Darkroom Image Editing Software

The name might suggest dark, but there’s nothing but color in this application. Is a very comprehensive editing tool which brings gradients generators and advanced typography elements together.

2 Minutes Test

Category – Test

Online 2 Minutes Test

A interactive 2 minutes web test that brings some elements of general knowledge and some practical situations.

Disco Move Recorder

Category – Music / Entertainment

Disco Move Recorder

As the name suggests, Disco Move Recorder connects to your webcam and generates a cartoonized version of yourself while moving.


Category – Photo Editor

Aviary Web Photo Editor

Aviary is probably one of the best Photoshop alternatives available in browser. This app brings one of the largest lists of effects and enhancements as well as stickers and a large suite of image manipulation tools.